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In order to perform complex service for our Customers we have created the AN-FARB dyehouse. We provide services of finishing of knitted fabrics and fabrics in the scope of bleaching, dyeing (according to Pantone scale), stabilization and various types of refining. The dyehouse offers service colouring and refining of textiles made of the following fabrics: cotton, viscose, polyamide, polyester, wool, acrylic and their mixes, as well as linen, sizal, silk and their mix. We constantly modernise our machinery park and adapt new technical solutions enabling optimization of finishing processes.

In a specialized, professionally equipped laboratory, a highly qualified team conducts research-development works over the processes of dyeing textiles and management of quality of dyeing. On the basis of an analysis it prepares and implements modern technologies.


Dyeing machines with diverse load capacity (from 30 to 600kg)

Compactor improving quality of the finishing knitted fabric

Spectrophotometric measurement – fast and accurate preparation of colours

Tumbler and brushing machine improving grip and appearance of the refined knitted fabric

Automatic packing machine ensuring aesthetic appearance of the ready-made knitted fabrics

We use only the certified colorants and auxiliary agents

Orders undergo comprehensive quality control

Standard orders and short non-standard series are performed quickly and reliably