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embroidery workshop

We also offer computer embroidery on our knitted fabrics. We have modern, fast and very precise multi-head embroidery machines. Professional, well-equipped and efficient machinery park enables us to make embroidery with extraordinary accuracy and aesthetic qualities. Is also possible to obtain 3D embroidery, guipure on tulles or other materials.

As a result of applying state-of-the-art technologies we can combine traditional embroidery with such elements of clothing decoration as: extrusions, laser applications, sequins, jets, beads, etc.

The embroidery service is performed only on with Tajima embroidery machines, which have the reputation of the best and the most durable in the world.

In our professional graphic studio we create embroidery projects based on worldwide fashion trends and implement the wildest ideas of our Customers’. We recommend sustainable and comprehensive decoration method, which currently is very popular.