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knitting workshop

DAMAZ is a leading manufacturer of high quality knitted fabrics, made of the best type natural and synthetic yarns. It offers a broad assortment of knitted fabrics, a complex range of services and rich design.

We use only selected top quality yarns and have state-of-the-art machinery; one of the best in Poland. We use the experience of qualified personnel and the most recent technology.

We are the leader in the industry and are continuously growing to be a contemporary trendsetter for textiles. In a creative design studio, we create more than 3000 original models per year, which are consistent with fashion trends, and also implement individual orders. Since 1992 in Łódź – the cradle of textile industry – we continuously improve production processes of knitted fabrics.

We specialize in the production of:

Single jersey

Viscose strips

Polyamide strips

Single-bearing jaquards

Double-bearing jaquards

Texture jaquards (reliefs)

PES and PA nets

Printed knitted fabrics VI and PES

Double-bearing knitted fabrics

Sweater knitted fabrics